Pamper Sessions

On Friday, I did three massages. Nothing unusual in that you might think but this was in response to being asked to do it for a, “pamper evening” for three women who trained as midwives together though one now works in public health and one is now a teacher.

Again, nothing unusual in that for an aromatherapist you might think but I suspect that ninety percent of those doing such sessions, maybe an even higher percentage are women. Certainly it is only women I have seen advertising this on their websites.

This was in the same street where I live and I am known in the community for this and my willingness to collect swarms of bees as well!

I am open to doing more of this but I would need either a lift with table etc. (Towels for three massages create quite a bulk also!) Or to include taxi fares in the price. Not doing a fixed price on this but will price fairly. In same street cheaper as I could use my bike trailer to walk around!