Aromatherapy for Depression

I was prompted to write this by an article about new guidelines saying therapy should be the first option for depression rather than medication. Great idea but sadly the NHS does not have the number of therapists required to make this realistic in a time scale that is helpful for those who need treatment now rather than in six months or a years time.

Physical therapy such as an aromatherapy massage can help with depression. There is evidence that essential oils such as the citrus oils, Frankincense and a number of others can help. Just as antidepressants often don’t help if the underlying issue is not resolved, this is also true of aromatherapy. But for some, it can help them to the point where they are ready to start talking about their underlying issues. I worked as a mental health nurse for many years, concentrating more on the therapy side of things than medication and have trained in CBT, DBT, Gestalt and some short courses in analytical work.

If using citrus oils, do not go out in bright sunlight after using them on the skin as it is possible to get badly burned. This reaction can happen even if you have done so in the past and not been affected. There is no way (that I know of) to predict when this might happen. Also do not use sun beds after a treatment with these oils!

This time of year, only the sunbeds are an issue for my clients!