Mental Health

While some have prospered over the two years and counting of the pandemic, others have not. Some have lost wages, others have had increased costs or have had to work longer hours for the same rewards as massage practitioners like myself have because of increased cleaning before and after each client.

Again with mental health, some have been able to enjoy the outdoors more, those with allotments and unable to work have never had such tidy plots! But others, unable to meet up with friends as normal, who have had to be ultra careful due to vulnerable relatives, having to juggle working from home with children being taught via Zoom and the young people themselves, shut off from friends, sleep overs, birthday parties etc have really struggled.

The number of children referred to mental health services has over doubled! If you or your child has suffered for these reasons, an aromatherapy massage with organic essential oils chosen with you or the young person to best suit what they want from the treatment might be the answer.

Please note I can only see under 16’s with a parent present.