Where can I come for a treatment?

My Aromatherapy and Massage practice is based at the Salus Wellness Centre in Cambridge. I will shortly be seeing some clients again at my home in Trumpington.

The following pages may also contain items of interest if you want to learn more about Aromatherapy and how I work.

What can I expect when I come for an appointment?

At your first appointment, you will be asked a number of questions to enable me to understand both your medical and emotional history. This can take half an hour or longer. Following this I will chose essential oils which are suited to your reasons for seeking treatment. A session lasts approximately one and a half hours and includes a full body massage. You will be encouraged to drink a glass of water after treatment.

Who can benefit from massage and aromatherapy?

Massage and aromatherapy can be used to promote a sense of well being with almost anyone.

What happens if you discover something serious?

If i suspects you have an untreated condition that I are not able to help with I will ask for your consent to refer this to your general practitioner or recommend where you might go for help. This has happened once since I started practising.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system of treatment collected over centuries that instead of looking at individual symptoms looks for patterns of disharmony. This means that being part of a different pattern, the same symptom may require a different treatment from one person to another. While using this framework for diagnosis I do not use Chinese herbs or animal remedies but do use the properties of essential oils under this system.

Do I have to get undressed?

Yes, though most people choose to keep knickers/underpants on. Any area the client is not comfortable with being massaged will be identified in the consultation and avoided. In the event that you do not want to get undressed, I can restrict massage to head and neck, and hands and feet. This will probably make for a shorter session which will cost a little less.

I am being treated for a condition by my GP/hospital. Does this mean I can’t receive massage?

Rarely. Recent broken bones would be a contraindication to massage as would an acute respiratory infection that you might pass on to others. Also any infection that raised your temperature above 37.8C.There may be conditions that the practitioner would wish to check with your doctor before agreeing to treatment.

I suffer from allergies, can I still have massage using essential oils.

Yes, though some may need to be at a reduced dose and there may be some specific oils to avoid. The practitioner will ask about allergies during the first session and if you have a nut allergy will avoid using this type of carrier oil though it is only a very small percentage of people with nut allergies who are affected by the oil on the skin.

Can aromatherapy cure my condition?

Aromatherapists to not claim cures though it can help alleviate many symptoms and be part of helping to resolve problems. Problems due to muscular tension for example can often be helped greatly. However if the cause such as spending too long at a computer desk which is set up wrongly is not addressed the problem will inevitably recur. What Aromatherapy and massage can often do is to support the individual and their body to heal faster than it might otherwise do. It can also reduce the severity of symptoms in many conditions that can not be cured.

Do I have to have my xxxx massaged.

No. Any part of the body you would prefer not to be massaged can be missed out. E.G. one of my regular clients normally has oil for the whole massage but if going out in the evening asks for no oil on the hair. Two clients ask for me not to massage their abdomen and the occasional person doesn’t want their feet touched. As a client you are in control and if something doesn’t feel right for you, it is important that you say so. I  will often if it is a first appointment ask questions to check things out during the massage if I am not convinced you will say no to something without my asking.

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