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I have been working as a Cambridge Massage practitioner and Aromatherapist for two years now.

I trained as an Aromatherapist with the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, qualifying in 2000 while working as a nurse at an in-patient psychiatric adolescent unit in London.

At the unit I used Massage and Aromatherapy as part of the treatment programme with the young adults. I also treated fellow staff members.

I worked As a nurse for thirty years, having trained in both general and mental health nursing.

As well as my knowledge of Western medicine, I use the Traditional Chinese Medical system to guide both the massage and choice of oils. In doing this I look at patterns of disharmony in the individual and their body and treat these patterns rather than just individual symptoms in isolation.

This has enabled me to develop a truly holistic style that links physical, psychological and spiritual issues.

My aim of treatment is to promote health holistically and help you gain control in these three areas.

Alongside my mental health training I have also completed a three year training in Gestalt Psychotherapy as well as having attended a number of shorter courses in other branches of psychotherapy. While not working as a psychotherapist, I do use the insights I can gain through those experiences to guide my choice of oils and massage treatments.

I took part in circus skills classes at Britain’s leading circus school including both acrobatic balancing and flying trapeze for over twenty years.

Treating fellow artistes has helped me develop my skills in working with muscular-skeletal injuries as well as teaching me about the stress such training puts on the body.

The above experience along with my reading on the subject have helped me develop my practice. I am particularly interested in the mind -body interface and how aromatherapy can be used to positively intervene in this.

Over the past ten years I have worked on our allotment and increased my knowledge of many plants used in aromatherapy.

The oils I use are sustainably sourced and where possible I make infused oils using herbs I have grown myself.

You can find out about booking an aromatherapy massage appointment here.

For other Cambridge services see http://www.cambridgeonline.co.uk/

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