Contact me for custom made/standard skin cream.

I make a skin cream/balm using organic olive oil, organic essential oils and beeswax from my own bees  in Trumpington, Cambridge on the Southern edge of Cambridge, UK. Only a small quantity is needed at a time.

Contact me to arrange a consultation so we can choose essential oils to suit you and your needs. 07939273569 or dave@cambridgearomatherapy.com


This natural product is ideal for keeping your hands soft if you work in the garden a lot. Also good for carpenters etc.

My standard formulation has frankincense,  geranium and sea buckthorne oils, a very nurturing combination psychologically as well as being nourishing for the skin.

60mls £8. £30 for a 60ml jar made for a specific condition, including consultation and any research I may have to do. Further jars of the same blend will be £10.

I have made up pots of this cream for individuals, using other combinations of oils to treat specific conditions including arthritis, psoriasis, eczema and for Ehlers Danlos syndrome. This last is a connective tissue disorder where typically sufferers have multiple complications affecting many systems in the body.

Please contact me via dave@cambridgearomatherapy.com if you would like a pot made up with a specific combination of oils or for a particular condition. For this I prefer a face to face consultation but have on occasion done this via the internet.

I sell this product directly as well as from various local events.

This can last some people six months or more though I use it up more quickly as I put it on both before and after doing gardening work/chopping wood etc. If you have unopened jars which you do not expect to start for some time, it will not deteriorate in two years or more if kept in the fridge though this does make it too hard for immediate use.

It can also be used as a massage cream though if working on more than a small area of the body, oil is more economical.

Why is it not light and fluffy like other creams?

Technically what I produce is a balm or ointment. It is possible to produce a cream by whisking hot, (almost boiling) distilled water into the melted balm, however this greatly reduces the shelf life which would mean selling it in smaller quantities. This leads to packaging being a much higher percentage of the cost and reducing value for money considerably.

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