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Thoughts after Permaculture Intro

I loved having another Introduction to Permaculture course running in Trumpington, Cambridge. As ever, a lovely bunch of people and, each time I end up with slightly deeper knowledge of the subject to carry on in my own permaculture practice.

Again I am struck by the links between permaculture and aromatherapy.

Two of the principles of permaculture come to mind in particular.

Each element should have multiple functions


Each function should have multiple elements.

If we think about each oil in a blend being an element, it will always have several functions.

Take Lemon for example.

It is an an oil with both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It can be used for treating depression. It also promotes clarity of thought and is good for digestive problems. This makes it and some of the other citrus oils especially good for treating depression as thought clarity often suffers with the depressed client thinking they aren’t good enough or no one will like them etc. They are also more prone to infections and constipation is common in depression.

But as with conventional medical treatment for depression, Lemon may not be the best oil for all individuals with it, the same with Bergamot which is often thought of as the best oil for depression and shares the above properties. The main difference being Lemon is usually better for promoting clarity of thought and Bergamot better for feelings of being stuck.

However a blend of oils for depression will usually  include some other oils too. Frankincense is often good and is particularly good for helping calm the agitation that some depressed clients feel. Another oil that is particularly good for depression is Rose which is an amazing oil for healing the hurt that goes with loss after a break up or bereavement or from abuse. РAll common in depression.

If sleep is a problem, I might well add Roman or German Chamomile, both oils that are good for sleep, digestive issues and agitation.

While I have used depression in this example, any other issue is also going to have a range of oils that can treat it with each chosen oil also treating other aspects of a client’s reasons for seeking treatment.

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Essential oils for the digestive system.

Many people, my clients included suffer from digestive problems, ranging from IBS and Chrones disease to constipation. It is important to stress that if there is a change in bowel habit that lasts more than two weeks without an obvious cause such as major diet change or there is blood in stools then this needs to be checked out medically.

Once sure that there is not something that needs medical intervention such as cancer or herniation, I know it is then safe to treat using essential oils in massage.

There are a lot of oils used in Aromatherapy that can aid digestion including but not limited to the citrus oils and all the oils derived from culinary herbs. This last should come as no surprise as the culinary herbs have been known to aid digestion for thousands of years.

Some of my favourites are coriander, the mints and lemon. All of these are good for both diarrhoea and constipation and also flatulence. The mints especially for the last. If there is an inflammatory process I will most likely add one of the chamomiles or Blue Tansy to the mix.

Remember that these oils should always be diluted in a carrier oil and not used neat as this can cause irritation or damage to the skin.

Massage itself can be helpful in this, stimulating peristalsis through abdominal massage but also through the increased action of the para-sympathetic nervous system.