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Why is Aromatherapy so powerful?

Start pealing an orange, how long does it take for your mouth to start producing saliva? If you are anything like me, not very long. Many of the essential oils used in Aromatherapy belong to plants which also have culinary uses but that is only part of the story. Our sense of smell is very powerfully connected to our emotions. Frankincense helps to instil a sense of calmness and was used in temples for that reason for over a thousand years before Christian churches started using it for the same reason.

How many of us associate particular smells with individuals? These associations can be both positive and negative. Every so often I have a client with a real aversion for a particular oil and sometimes, though by no means always this is because of an association with a particular individual.

The sense of smell is fast. It takes a fraction of a second for the brain to react and not much longer for molecules that are inhaled to reach the brain. This compares with a much longer time-scale for the essential oils to do their work through being absorbed by the skin, though this is also important in a treatment as the amount of oil absorbed is much greater.

Even today our sense of smell which is far from being the best in the animal kingdom is more sensitive than all but the best of scientific instruments. That is why often when an emergency call is made because of a smell of gas in a house, the person who comes out with instruments to check this is unable to detect it!

So why not treat your nose as well as your skin by booking an Aromatherapy Massage Treatment. £40 for an hour and £50 for 90 minutes if booked between now and 7th January. Appointments available both in Trumpington and Central Cambridge.

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Breaking the cycle.

When a health problem becomes chronic as opposed to acute often something different is needed to break out of the cycle. This can be just as true of psychological conditions as it is for physical ones. I should make it clear that I am talking here about conditions that start of as acute but end up being chronic rather than conditions that are chronic and long term from when they first develop such as type I diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigues Syndrome, Motor Neurone Disease etc.

One client, a few years ago had an acute skin problem in just one area that various attempts to get rid of it by the GP just didn’t seem to work and if anything made things worse. GP diagnosed eczema which had got infected but wasn’t sure if it was fungal, viral or bacterial. A combined antibiotic and steroid cream was tried but this seemed to make no difference or even exacerbate things. At this point the GP wanted to take a biopsy to identify what if any pathogens were present. (Not my words but what I was told.) They also suggested stopping all prescribed creams for a fortnight.

Not surprisingly my client used to scratch the area because it was very itchy.

This was the first part of breaking the cycle. I made up some the skin balm I make with  beeswax and olive oil and added Blue Tansy, one of the most effective anti-inflammatory oils. I also used Myrrh which is an anti-infectious and anti-bacterial agent and Tea Tree which is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.

It was important to cover all the bases. My client also continued to take an antihistamine that had been prescribed by her GP to help reduce the itching at night.

To our surprise, using this twice a day made a significant difference in only ten days and after another ten days it had almost completely cleared up. She continues to use it now as a prophylactic measure but only about three times a week.

On this occasion because of the possible interactions with prescribed medication I did get my client to clear my treatment with her GP first, even though I thought problems unlikely.

Making a skin balm using olive oil and beeswax is useful when a client may need more regular treatment than they can afford if it were to be a massage or if a client is for whatever reason not comfortable with having a massage from me.


How and when to use essential oils.

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