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Top reasons for having an Aromatherapy Massage.

Knowing why my clients come to me is important in making sure I keep a stock of the best oils to help them. My two guides to this are firstly and most importantly the clients whom I actually see or who consult with me via Skype.

The second is the enquiries that are generated by my website and the pages that get the most hits. This year because I did a promotion for the page, back massage has received the most hits and don’t get me wrong, a significant proportion of my clients do come for issues with their backs, especially if  you include neck and shoulders in that. But by far the biggest proportion of my clients come for issues to do with depression and anxiety. I would also say that most of these have depression or anxiety because of significant traumatic life events.  I see a few clients where genetic factors play a much larger part but they are the minority.

Bergmot, Bitter Orange and other citrus oils are a must working with these clients. They are particularly good for the client who feels stuck. They are also good for some of the physical manifestations of depression and anxiety such as lack of appetite and constipation. Rose is another oil I would not be without. It soothes anxiety and is particularly good for those dealing with grief be that for a childhood they didn’t  have or the loss of a close friend or loved  one. Frankincense completes my first line triad for depression, in particular if agitation or anxiety are also present. Both Roman and German Chamomile can also be good for this.

Once a client comes to me these oils are also good for building self confidence and helping the client to really believe that they are worth it. This last is probably the biggest barrier to depressed and anxious individuals coming for massage. They give themselves the message that they don’t deserve good things and often blame themselves even when the blame is  patently with another, e.g. an abuser.

Interestingly, I find that at least one in ten of the clients that are depressed also have back pain.

Do follow the links on this site and get in touch if you would like to discuss the possibility of having an aromatherapy massage treatment for anxiety, depression, back issues or anything else.



Cambridge Massage, UK

I work in either Central Cambridge, UK or Trumpington which is on the Southern edge of Cambridge. My reading on the internet and elsewhere tells me that despite similarities things are very different in some respects between US and UK.

Some things are minor such as here we mostly use towels for draping rather than sheets which I understand are mostly used in the States. Regulation is very different with the requirements for licensing in the US. Here it would be foolish for anyone to practice without public liability insurance though I suspect there are a few who do. It is really only the fact that to get the insurance one needs to be a member of one of the professional bodies which in turn requires evidence of having completed the requisite training that stops massage and aromatherapy from being completely unregulated.

All in all however I think the professional bodies here do a good job of regulating the profession though there are rather more of them than there need to be which means the membership benefits aren’t as great as they could be!

Another difference is that here it is very rare for the medical system to pay for massage or aromatherapy and almost as rare for insurance to pay for it with the exception of sports massage for people like circus performers who have a very specific insurance. I have had one client who was able to claim on her insurance and that needed me to specify deep tissue massage on the receipt.

Heated tables are not the norm here either, though I have considered getting an electric under  blanket type one. – I have a couple of clients who really seem to feel the cold even when I have the room so hot I have to resist the temptation to get undressed to do the massage!