If you have enjoyed a massage with me please write about it here.

sarah coxon

Dave has been passionate about aromatherapy massage for many years. He has treated me many times for the strains and sprains that go along with being a professional aerialist. His massage involves both his scientific knowledge and his holistic intuition. I always leave feeling much better!

From Camlets:

12/9/12 0269 0647 20.00  massage – excellent indeed….

2 responses to “Testimonials

  1. Tess Eagle Swan

    Thank you for a lasting after effect of great calm, peace and wholeness.. also felt I was a few inches taller. This is incredibly good work by a very talented and gifted aromatherapist. I have had many treatments from many practitioners on world wide travels. This massage today I rate as one of the best. One of the most effective and without a shadow of doubt one with the longest lasting results. Energetically excellent. My thanks. I am truly grateful.

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  2. Thanks Dave for a really soothing and relaxing massage. You have a lovely touch which is nurturing. Your massage helped me to see things in a new light. I also came out smelling lovely. Highly recommended.

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