Massage and aromatherapy for Depression.

Depression in characterised by a number of symptoms, including letheragy, loss of motivation, decreased libido, constipation and sleep disturbance. Aromatherapy oils and massage can be used to help all of these symptoms, indeed some of the oils I use with depression will treat more than one of these symptoms.

Bergamot  with it’s clean uplifting smell helps to address lethargy, constipation and other symptoms of depression.


Crucially, it is all too often a hidden condition which means many do not seek help. When working as a nurse, many only got the help they needed very late on when the problems had grown massively.

Typically, with depression it is difficult to find the motivation to do anything. Sleep is disrupted, sometimes difficulty getting off to sleep which is typical when the depression is related to a life event or early morning waking when there is no life event to attribute it to. Rosemary is a good oil for those lacking in motivation.

Another common pattern is lots of negative thoughts. The depressed person often does not consider themselves worth getting treatment. They often blame themselves for their problems.

An aromatherapy massage treatment would be aimed at restoring the balance in the body. If there is Yang deficiency which is often the case, Marjoram or another warming oil might be used. For blocked Qi or energy, Bergamot or another of the citrus oils would be chosen. Other oils may be added to the blend in order to address other disharmonies in the system.

I will not advise people I see to stop taking their medication, (unless of course they have dangerous side effects that my nursing training helps me identify.) Nor do I see an Aromatherapy Massage as an alternative to either antidepressants or talking therapies. (Personally I hold the latter in much higher regard.) Instead I see the use of essential oils and massage as something I can offer those here in Cambridge which can help them recover more quickly than they might otherwise have done.

I talked about blocked energy. Many have this due to life experiences such as bereavement and abuse. These are things where aromatherapy can be particularly helpful with. Oils such as Neroli and Jasmine being very helpful in the healing process.

Remember whether the reason you are reading this is because you are depressed or not, you are still worth it! If you think a massage using organic essential oils might help you, visit my home page for details of how to contact me for an aromatherapy massage in Cambridge.

2 thoughts on “Massage and aromatherapy for Depression.

  1. Very interesting! So much of our traumas and the iteration of moods and thought patterns gets “stored” in our body… Massage is certainly a way of unblocking at least some of that energy!

    What do you think of lavender, rosemary, thyme and such? In infusion they help during depression episodes, so I wonder about as essential oils.

    Ah, a nice warming and soothing massage, how can that NOT help agains anything?

    • It depends to an extent on the type of depression. If in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine it is a defficient Yang energy, then those oils are ideal. If, primarily due to blocked energy rather than deficient energy then the citrus oils are my preference.

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